Today I will show you a Minecraft command block tutorial for making speed boots. These will make you run very fast when you put them on!*

Before you begin, make sure you are in creative mode and have cheats turned on.  Also, to avoid having a lot of annoying spam flying by in chat, type: /gamerule commandBlockOutput false and hit enter.

First, you have to make a new scoreboard. To do this, either in a command block or in chat type: /scoreboard objectives add Armor dummy.                               This command tells Minecraft to make a new scoreboard objective, call it Armor, and make it a dummy so that you and you alone can change the scores on it instead of it being automatic. If you prefer, you can call it whatever you want instead of Armor.

Next, we will have to place a command block down, face up as shown in the picture. To get a command block, type: /give @p command_block.~

A command block with a sheep behind it, with the arrows on the side facing up.
A command block facing up.

Make sure that the arrows on the side of the command block are face-up. This is very important.  You can make it face up by looking straight down when you place it.




After you do this, you need to right-click the command block and change its properties, as shown in the picture.

Click on the impulse button on the left twice or until it says repeat, and click on needs redstone button on the right once or until it says always active. The arrows point to where you need to look. After you are finished, click done and the original command block should be purple.

Now right-click the command block again, and where it says console command, type: /scoreboard players set @a Armor 1 {Inventory:[{Slot:100b,tag:{display:{Name:”Speed Boots”}}}]}. Earlier when you changed the properties of the command block you told it to always repeat, continuously, 20 times a second, without stopping. This command tells it to set a player’s score of Armor, the scoreboard objective you made earlier, to one only if that player is wearing boots named Speed Boots. And this goes for all players so whenever they wear these boots, their score of Armor is 1. Everyone has their own score of Armor, so if they wear the speed boots, their score will be one but not for another player who is not wearing them. Click done.

Next, you will place another command block on top of the first one. When you place it down, be sure to hold down shift because if you don’t you will simply enter the command block console.

When you right-click the command block, click needs redstone once, but this time, instead of clicking impulse twice, click it once or until it says Chain. After you click done, the command block should turn green.


When you right-click the command block, the command you should enter is: /effect @a[score_Armor_min=1] minecraft:speed 1 20 true.                                      This command tells the block to affect anyone with an Armor score of one, speed 20(very fast,) for one second. You may be wondering why not affect anyone wearing the armor instead of who has the score? Targeting players based directly on what armor they are wearing is not possible. Instead, we must target them based on their Armor score.  When the player puts on their speed boots, their Armor score will change to 1; we can use this armor score to target the player for the speed effect.

The last thing we need to program is to set the score of Armor for all players back to 0. If we don’t do this, we will never stop being fast even if we take the boots off! So put one last command block on top of the last one, holding shift as you do so. This command block is the same as the last one. Click on needs redstone once so that it changes to Always Active, and Impulse once so that it changes to Chain.

The command you should enter in that one is: /scoreboard players set @a Armor 0. This Tells the command block that after the other two commands are activated, set everyone’s Armor score to 0. Now you are done with that part.

The way the command blocks work together is like this:

  1. The first command block causes your Armor score to become 1 when you are wearing speed boots.
  2. The second command block gives you speed if your Armor score is 1
  3. The third command block causes your Armor score to return to the normal Armor score of 0. However, if you are still wearing your speed boots, your Armor score will instantly return to 1. Only if you have removed your speed boots will your Armor score remain at 0 due to the effects of this command block.

The last thing you need to do is to get some boots (I prefer gold ones, but any kind is okay.) And rename them to Speed Boots, which is what you said the name of the boots that the player has to be wearing is.^ You can rename these boots with an anvil.

And you are done! Just wear the boots and you will be super fast, take them off and you will go back to normal.



^You can change Speed Boots in the first command to anything, like a password so not just any player can get them.

~You will have to have cheats on to do this and you will need to be in creative mode to place command blocks.